The Snowpeople: Interview with Olivia Lilley

written by Beach Sloth, Original Poster by Frank Okay.

  1. What do you want people to takeaway after seeing The Snowpeople?

I want people to feel a little vulnerable and a little embarrassed because they saw themselves up there in those characters and/or someone they know. I want people to leave with insight into perspectives that they had not yet considered. I want people to leave thinking back to their own group of friends or communities and to the times when they felt they could have done more for someone else. I want this film to make people look twice at the person they see in the mirror: who they are and who they could be. I want “The Snowpeople” to leave you with the feeling that there’s so much work to be done but that there is hope, and that there is something that you can do for someone else. I hope “The Snowpeople” makes people walk through the world with more awareness of what’s going on with the folx around them. I hope “The Snowpeople” makes people call up somebody they haven’t spoken to in a long time and ask them how they’re doing.

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